Secrest Wardle has been named to the list of "Michigan's Largest Law Firms" for 2014 by Michigan Lawyers Weekly
Press Release 07/11/2014

Secrest Wardle has been selected to appear on the list published in Michigan Lawyers Weekly's annual supplemental magazine, Michigan's Largest Law Firms for 2014....

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Secrest Wardle Accepts Johnson Law's Flint Water Challenge
In the News 02/05/2016

Secrest Wardle Welcomes Partner Michael P. Salhaney to Troy Location
Press Release 01/18/2016

Partner Douglas D. Moseley and A.M. Best Editor John Czuba Discuss Michigan's Dram Shop Act
Press Release 01/15/2016

Secrest Wardle Welcomes Partner Diego J. Rojas to Grand Rapids Location
Press RElease 01/12/2016

Partner Mark C. Vanneste Revises A.M. Best’s Digest of Insurance Law - Michigan
Press Release 01/07/2016

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"A rose by any other name....": Court of Appeals illustrates that the open and obvious doctrine cannot be avoided by simply labeling a premises liability claim one for "ordinary negligence."
Boundaries 01/29/2016

The Tide is Turning in the McCormick Era
No-Fault Newsline 12/30/2015

Court of Appeals holds that, to prevail on summary disposition, property owners must prove that they lacked actual or constructive notice of a defective condition
Boundaries 12/11/2015

Michigan Supreme Court Reins in Court of Appeals in Two Premises Liability Cases
Boundaries 12/04/2015

Parking Lot Crosswalk Considered a Potential Special Aspect of the Parking Lot - Open and Obvious Doctrine Rejected
Boundaries 11/24/2015

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