Secrest Wardle has been named to the list of "Michigan's Largest Law Firms" for 2014 by Michigan Lawyers Weekly
Press Release 07/11/2014

Secrest Wardle has been selected to appear on the list published in Michigan Lawyers Weekly's annual supplemental magazine, Michigan's Largest Law Firms for 2014....

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Secrest Wardle to Host Holocaust Presentation
Press Release 10/16/2014

Caroline A. Grech-Clapper Accepts Michigan Lawyers Weekly Women in the Law 2014 Award
Press Release 10/16/2014

Caroline A. Grech-Clapper Nominated for 2014 Excellence in Advocacy Award
Press Release 10/6/2014

Secrest Wardle Sponsors Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth Event
Press Release 10/03/2014

Krystal Hermiz attends In Defense of Christians Summit in Washington, D.C.
Press Release 10/02/2014

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"Private Causes of Action" under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act may proceed in First Party No-Fault cases, even in the absence of "demonstrated responsibility," and regardless of the carrier's basis for denying the claim
No-Fault Newsline 10/7/2014

Court of Appeals clarifies that an erroneous payment, made more than one year after an accident, does not revive PIP claims that are otherwise stale under MCL 500.3145(1)
No-Fault Newsline 09/17/2014

Open and obvious revisited: a condition need not "pose a substantial risk of death or serious injury" in order to be "effectively unavoidable."
Boundaries 08/29/2014

Visible 1-2" accumulation of snow and ice does not render a walkway "unfit for its intended purpose" under the Landlord-Tenant Act
Boundaries 08/27/2014

Court of Appeals considers who is an "insurer" under MCL 500.3114($)
No-Fault Newsline 08/23/2014

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