Secrest Wardle has been named to the list of "Michigan's Largest Law Firms" for 2014 by Michigan Lawyers Weekly
Press Release 07/11/2014

Secrest Wardle has been selected to appear on the list published in Michigan Lawyers Weekly's annual supplemental magazine, Michigan's Largest Law Firms for 2014....

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Partner Brian E. Fischer Featured Speaker at Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) 2nd Annual No-Fault Summit
Press Release 04/10/2015

Executive Partner Margaret A. Scott to Join North Central Regional Chapter of International Association of Auto Theft Investigators as Presenter at 52nd Annual Training Seminar
Press Release 04/08/2015

Mark E. Morley Honored for an Outstanding Legal Career
Press Release 03/17/2015

MS Awareness Week
Press Release 03/13/2015

Derk Beckerleg and William Hampton Selected as "Top Lawyers" for 2015 by DBusiness
Press Release 03/03/2015

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Michigan Legislature Codifies Property Owners' Duties With Respect to Trespassers
Boundaries 03/30/2015

"The insurer...of the motor vehicle" within the meaning of MCL 500.3114(5) is not necessarily the same insurer that would cover the motor vehicle's driver under MCL 500.3114(1)
No-Fault Newsline 03/25/2015

Personal Injury Claimants Must Disclose Medical Records
No-Fault Newsline 03/25/2015

Is Cost Containment under the Michigan No Fault Act Dead?
No-Fault Newsline 03/24/2015

Hyten Showdown - The Debate Continues as the Michigan Court of Appeals Releases Another Unpublished Opinion as to the Viability of the Innocent Third-Party Rule as it Applies to PIP Benefits
No-Fault Newsline 03/23/2015

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