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Third-party automobile negligence

Motor Vehicle Litigation / October 14, 2016

Court/Case No: Macomb County Circuit Court, Case No. 2015-000092-NI

Tried/Argued Before: Judge

Demand: Initial demand of $300,000; last demand of $6,000

Verdict: No cause for action

Name of Judge(s): Honorable James Maceroni

Keys to the Case:

Plaintiff claimed that Defendant caused a rear-end accident on Hall Road that resulted in a serious impairment of a body function under MCL 500.3135.  Liability was disputed.  Plaintiff argued that he stopped at a stop sign at a turnaround, and turned when traffic was clear.  Defendant argued that Plaintiff pulled out on to Hall Road into his right-of-way without stopping at the stop sign and, therefore, he should not be liable for the accident.

The jury unanimously concluded that Defendant was not negligent.

Defense SW attorney(s) Involved in Case:


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