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Executive Partner, Margaret A. Scott, located in Secrest Wardle's Troy office, is a member of the Municipal, Practice Groups.

Attorney Scott is not a shareholder or officer of Secrest Wardle. As such, Attorney Scott has no authority to enter into contracts or legal agreements on behalf of Secrest Wardle. Any agreement made by this Attorney is not binding on the law firm and is the sole personal responsibility of this Attorney.

Areas of Focus

Margaret A. Scott joined Secrest Wardle as a Partner in 2012 and became an Executive Partner in 2014. She currently serves as the Prosecutor for the City of Auburn Hills, City of Bloomfield Hills and the Charter Township of Waterford. In 2019, Ms. Scott was selected by Judge Julie Nicholson of the 52/3 District Court to join Judge Nicholson’s Specialty Treatment Court Team. Margaret Scott serves as a Sobriety Court Prosecutor and the North Oakland Count Veterans Treatment Court Prosecutor. Additionally, Ms. Scott has practiced insurance defense litigation for over 10 years as private counsel for various companies. She handled claims involving the defense of automobile and structure arson fires, no-fault PIP, uninsured motorists’ claims, and third-party automobile claims.

Ms. Scott has been instructor and presenter for various programs for the Michigan State Police, the Michigan Chapter-International Association of Arson Investigators, International Association of Special Investigative Units, the North Central Regional Chapter-International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, and the Michigan Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators. She has also instructed for the National College of District Attorneys, Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan, the International Association of Arson Investigators, Oakland County Community College Police Academy, and numerous police departments in Southeastern Michigan, as well as a number of area high schools. She completed the National District Attorneys Association’s Career Prosecutor Course in 1990 and the Experienced Prosecutor Course in 1996.

From 1988 to 2008, Ms. Scott served as an Oakland County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. The majority of her career was spent as a Special Prosecutor at the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office where she was elevated to the office of Chief of the Auto Theft Unit in 1996. As a felony trial prosecutor, Ms. Scott prosecuted crimes involving insurance fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, and arson of insured property. During her time with the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office she successfully prosecuted nearly 100% of the cases assigned to the Auto Theft Unit.

The top tier of the OWI Pyramid is the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training program. As a prosecuting attorney, Ms. Scott successfully completed the two-week Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training course and received a certificate of training. DRE training is advanced training for highly motivated officers active in OWI enforcement. This program offers an academically challenging curriculum developed to enhance an officer’s ability to identify, evaluate, and document suspected drug impairment. Officers that successfully complete the training often times become the leader in alcohol and/or drug impairment within their department and communities. DRE students learn about the seven drug categories, human physiology, and the signs and symptoms as they relate to the drug impaired driver. Students also learn to conduct a standardized and systematic 12-step evaluation of a drug impaired driver and determine the category of drugs most likely causing that impairment.

In August 2020, Ms. Scott co-presented “Sobriety Courts in Oakland County” as an online Zoom class on behalf of the Oakland County Bar Association, discussing eligibility for Sobriety Court, which courts sponsor such programs, and the procedure for entering into such a program.

Margaret Scott is member of Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s Class of 2015 “Women in the Law.” Honorees are recognized for the meaningful and inspiring contributions they have made to the legal community. An article, “A sidebar with…Margaret A. Scott,” appeared in the July 20, 2015, issue of Michigan Lawyers Weekly, in which she was interviewed about her practice in the areas of arson insurance defense and auto theft prevention. Ms. Scott has also been awarded a Challenge Coin by the North Oakland County Veteran’s Treatment Court for her involvement in the program in her role as a district court prosecutor.

Ms. Scott formerly served on the Women Officials Network (WON) Board of Directors. WON envisions more women in leadership positions at all levels of government. The organization empowers the leaders of today and mentors women leaders of tomorrow while encouraging women to become involved in public policy through elected and appointed office. She was also appointed to and served on the DMC (Detroit Medical Center) Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital Advisory Board in 2018. The 14-member Hospital Advisory Board reports to the DMC Board who reports to the Tenet Board. Their mission is to help people live happier, healthier lives.

Ms. Scott is past Chair of the Michigan Anti-Car Theft Campaign Committee. Ms. Scott also served as Chair of the Michigan Arson Prevention Committee’s Governmental Resource Committee. She is also a former member of the Michigan Help Eliminate Auto Theft Committee (H.E.A.T.). During her years of service to the People of the State of Michigan, Ms. Scott testified before the Michigan State Senate and House on various proposed legislation involving auto theft and insurance fraud.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Michigan State University, Ms. Scott attended Wayne State University Law School where she was the Director of the Student Trial Advocacy Program and participated in both local and national trial competitions. Ms. Scott is admitted to practice law in the State of Michigan and all Michigan courts. She is a member of the State Bar of Michigan’s Military and Veterans’ Law and Criminal Law Sections.