Trucking / Commercial Vehicle Litigation

Our Trucking/Commercial Vehicle Litigation Practice Group has successfully represented a variety of entities in trucking and commercial vehicle accident cases.  Attorneys in this group are highly-regarded by their peers as experts in this area of the law.  Our attorneys have defended various motor carrier matters involving load shifts, load spills, road damage, truck loading processes, wrongful death actions, and matters involving fleet vehicles and rented semi-truck vehicles.  Our attorneys are well-acquainted with defending matters where accidents involve a multitude of scenarios, attaining successful results in all of these situations.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles travel Michigan freeways and highways.  Most automobile drivers have never been taught to operate their vehicles safely around tractor-trailers and other oversized motor vehicles.  It has been estimated that nearly 75 percent of truck-related accidents were attributed to the driver of the car, and at least 35 percent of the accidents occurred in blind spots.  Unfortunately, automobile accidents with trucks typically result in a higher incidence of catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

According to a recent report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, about 1 in 10 highway accident deaths occur in a crash involving a large truck.  The Institute’s most recent data also indicates that the number of people who died in crashes involving trucks was 14 percent higher in 2013 than in 2009.  When accidents occur, whether involving death or catastrophic injury, the owner and operator of the truck involved will require the benefit of highly experienced and assertive attorneys to protect their rights as soon as possible.

Our Firm is positioned to dispatch experts to the accident scene when the situation warrants an immediate analysis or preservation of critical evidence for inspection.  Additionally, all Secrest Wardle attorneys are equipped with cell phones to remain available to our clients 365/24/7.

Attorneys in the Trucking/Commercial Vehicle Litigation Practice Group represent transportation and major trucking companies based in the United States and Canada.  Secrest Wardle attorneys dedicated to this area of practice have over 100 years of combined litigation experience.  We are thoroughly familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, statutes, and case law that are applicable to this type of litigation.

Our attorneys have substantial experience involving sophisticated overland trucking litigation and are well-versed with MDOT and USDOT trucking regulations.  Our attorneys are exceptionally familiar with issues involving FMVSS compliance, placard liability, and criminal prosecution.

The Trucking/Commercial Vehicle Litigation Practice Group has secured favorable defense verdicts in catastrophic injury cases involving closed head injury, paralysis, amputation claims, and wrongful death cases in various jurisdictions for both American and Canadian clients.