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Premature Filing Defeats Defendants’ Early Toxic Tort Victory

No Evidence That Mold Caused Death

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Dismisses Minor Plaintiffs’ Claims of Violations of Title X for Lack of Standing

Expert Can Testify About Causation Despite Statistical Reports That Negate Causation

“Mold” Is Not A :Pollutant” And Coverage Does Not Exist Even Though A Covered Condition Caused the Mold

Presence of Mold-Producing Material Does Not Establish Notice of Mold

Michigan Supreme Court Holds A Settling Defendant May Pursue An Action for Contribution Despite The 1995 Tort Reform Legislation’s Abolition of Joint Liability

OSHA rejects tougher standards for metalworking fluids

A change in the wind: a $1,000,000 welding rod verdict

Mold Caused Neuropsychological Injuries: Fact Or Fiction?