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Executive Partner, Christina K. Korkes, located in Secrest Wardle's Troy office, is a member of the Motor Vehicle Litigation, Practice Groups.

Attorney Korkes is not a shareholder or officer of Secrest Wardle. As such, Attorney Korkes has no authority to enter into contracts or legal agreements on behalf of Secrest Wardle. Any agreement made by this Attorney is not binding on the law firm and is the sole personal responsibility of this Attorney.

Areas of Focus

Christina K. Korkes practices out of Secrest Wardle’s Troy office. Ms. Korkes joined the Firm in 2018 and is an active member of the Motor Vehicle Litigation Practice Group. Notable examples of Ms. Korkes’ exceptional motor vehicle defense work include the following:


  • In 2018, Ms. Korkes defended two separate but related cases in which the underlying Plaintiffs alleged significant injuries following a motor vehicle accident.  After extensive discovery was conducted, Ms. Korkes revealed that Plaintiffs had committed fraud in presentment of their claims. Following lengthy oral argument, the Court granted Defendant’s Motion for Summary Disposition. Ms. Korkes also obtained a ruling against a medical provider that had filed suit that the provider Plaintiff’s claims were dependent on Plaintiff having a claim for no-fault benefits against Defendant. Due to Plaintiff’s claim being dismissed on the basis of fraud, the provider Plaintiff’s claims were also dismissed with prejudice. The two dismissals removed over $186,000.00 in exposure.
  • Ms. Korkes also successfully defended a bodily injury suit in which Plaintiff alleged that she sustained an objectively manifested impairment of an important body function that was serious and affected her general ability to lead a normal life and/or caused a permanent serious disfigurement. After extensive discovery, it was revealed that most of Plaintiff’s injuries were as a result of a subsequent fall and not the subject accident. Accordingly, Ms. Korkes was successful in obtaining an order of dismissal from the Court affirming that Plaintiff could not establish an objective manifestation of an injury resulting from the accident. Plaintiff then attempted to argue that she suffered a permanent serious disfigurement as a result of the alleged scar on her forearm. Ms. Korkes again prevailed in arguing summary disposition was also proper here because Plaintiff had not offered any evidence that the disfigurement was both permanent and serious as required by law in order to recover. The dismissals on both grounds barred $100,000.00 in exposure.

Ms. Korkes graduated cum laude from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School and received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Criminal Justice (specialization in Courts) and Sociology from Oakland University. While in law school, she was named to the Dean’s List and Honor Roll every term and was an Honors Scholarship recipient. Ms. Korkes also obtained Certificates of Merit in Trial Skills and Pretrial Skills. She has previously served as a Judicial Law Clerk, Deputy Law Clerk and Probation Clerk.


Christina Korkes is licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan and is a member of the State Bar of Michigan’s Young Lawyers Section. Ms. Korkes is also a member of the Oakland County Bar Association.