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Hall v Briley

Motor Vehicle Litigation / April 6, 2023

Court/Case No: Washtenaw County Circuit Court/20-111661-NI

Tried/Argued Before: Jury

Demand: 100,000.00

Verdict: No Cause

Name of Judge(s): Timothy Connors

Keys to the Case:

This was a rear-end accident which occurred when the Defendant fell asleep at the wheel due to severe  fatigue and which was videotaped by a third-party in another vehicle. Plaintiff claimed significant injuries  resulting in surgery with permanent disabilities. Her surgeon testified that the accident caused the need  for surgery, but defense counsel was able to prove that the surgery was actually a revision surgery for a  prior failed fusion done by the same surgeon. Plaintiff and her character witnesses were proven to have  perjured themselves, and the jury returned a unanimous verdict of “no injury” after only 3 hours of deliberation.

Defense SW attorney(s) Involved in Case:


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