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More Shake Ups on the Michigan Supreme Court

Premises Liability / August 26, 2010

Hours ago, Justice Elizabeth Weaver surprisingly resigned her post as a Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Justice Weaver was originally a Republican nominee to the Court, but renounced her ties with the Republican Party earlier this year. 

Governor Jennifer Granholm announced her appointment of Court of Appeals Judge Alton Davis to replace Justice Weaver. No legislative affirmation of the appointment is required under the Michigan Constitution. 

Justice Davis hails from northern Michigan, and has a reputation as a liberal jurist who leans in favor of plaintiffs. Justice Davis will serve out the remainder of Justice Weaver’s term, which ends this year. It is anticipated that Justice Davis will garner a nomination from the Democratic Party at their upcoming convention this weekend for the election this fall. 

While Justice Weaver recently voted with the new liberal side of the Court on many issues, she still sided with conservatives regarding the open and obvious defense. With this recent appointment, Lugo v Ameritech and its progeny are in real danger.


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