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On the Retroactivity of Kandil-Elsayed and Other Issues in Premises Liability Law

Premises Liability / January 11, 2024

In Kandil-Elsayed v F & E Oil, Inc, 512 Mich 95 (2023), the Michigan Supreme Court overruled Lugo v Ameritech Corp, Inc, 464 Mich 512 (2001).

In doing so, the Court held that “the open and obvious danger doctrine” is no longer “part of a land possessor’s duty.” Kandil-Elsayed, 512 Mich at 104. “Rather, … [t]he open and obvious nature of a condition is relevant to breach and the parties’ comparative fault.” Id.

The practical effect of this is that “the open and obvious nature of a condition” will be a motion defense much less frequently; rather, it now generally must be considered by a jury. Kandil-Elsayed, 512 Mich at 112.

Gabrielson v The Woods Condo Assoc, ___ Mich App ___; ___ NW2d ___ (2024) (Docket No. 364809) confirmed that Kandil-Elsayed applies retroactively to all pending cases.


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