Secrest Wardle seeks out associates that are committed to developing careers based on professionalism, teamwork, quality, work ethic and client service. The firm’s growth is balanced between hiring lateral attorneys as well as third year law school students. The firm is active in its recruiting of third year law school students from all of the law schools in Michigan. The firm is always open to receiving resumes from qualified candidates from any state.

Every effort is made to place new associates in the practice group of their choice. Secrest Wardle associates are assigned a mentor and given considerable responsibility after passing the Michigan bar exam. Associates are afforded the opportunity to do all types of work within their practice area. It is not uncommon for litigation associates to immediately begin making court appearances and taking depositions. It is also not uncommon for litigation associates to have had their first trial before the end of their third year in practice.

The “hands on” experience, combined with the firm’s formal associate training program, allows our associates to evolve quickly into excellent attorneys. For that reason, as well as our desire to expand the flexibility of career options at Secrest Wardle, qualified associates with a demonstrated commitment to the firm’s goals are eligible for non-equity partnership positions at the end of their fifth year of practice. It is from this group of talented individuals that are drawn those who will become eligible for both income and equity partner positions.

Secrest Wardle provides a competitive compensation and benefits package for attorneys in each of our office locations. For brand new associates, we offer:

  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Bar exam study leave of absence
  • Health care and dependent care flexible spending accounts