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Does the “Ministerial” Exception Apply When an Employee is Not a Minister? The Supreme Court Says Yes in Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru

Supreme Court Rules: LGBTQ Employees Now Protected From Employment Discrimination Under Title VII

Truly “Intentional” Tort Needed to Overcome WDCA’s Exclusive Remedy Provision

Medical Marijuana is a Reasonable Accommodation

The Sixth Circuit Maintains Title VII’s High Burden of Proof in Hostile Work Environment Claims

The Seventh Circuit Holds that Title VII Applies to Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

Temporarily Bypassing an Employee for a Position Because Of Opioid Addiction Is Not Discrimination

U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Employers Must Not Use Religious Dress As Motivating Factor In Employment Decisions

U.S. Supreme Court Case Asks Whether Employers Must Inquire About Potential Employees’ Religious Dress

US Supreme Court to Address EEOC Discrimination Negotiations