Toxic Torts

Michigan Toxic Torts Defense Lawyers: Personal Injury & Property Damage - Hazardous or Toxic Materials or Substances

Toxic tort lawsuits are unique personal injury and property damage claims which involve manufacturers and suppliers of potentially hazardous or toxic materials or substances, as well as property owners and management companies who sell or lease property contaminated by these materials. Toxic tort claims may involve claims alleging physical injury, psychological and neuropsychological injury, pain and suffering, real and personal property damage and diminution of real property due to emission of chemical vapors and contaminants.

The successful defense of toxic tort lawsuits requires expertise concerning the manner in which state and federal courts handle scientific issues, the technical aspects of the substances involved in the litigation, and often expertise concerning general and specific causation.

Michigan Toxic Torts Defense Lawyers: Serving Manufacturers & Suppliers, Property Owners & Management Companies and their insurers

Secrest Wardle has decades of experience successfully handling the complex issues involved in toxic tort cases. The Firm’s attorneys have developed relationships with some of the nation’s best scientific and medical experts who specialize in the defense of toxic torts. Those relationships have helped Secrest Wardle obtain summary disposition in a wide variety of toxic tort cases based on the lack of general and/or specific causation.

Common Types of Michigan Toxic Tort Lawsuits

Secrest Wardle’s attorneys have defended a wide variety of toxic tort cases in Michigan’s state and federal courts over the last four decades including:


Chemical spills

Chemical cleaners


Electromagnetic forces



Freon (huffing)


Legionnaire’s Disease



Heavy metals



Metal working fluids



Silicone breast implants


Solid wastes

Vinyl chloride

Contact our Michigan Toxic Tort Defense Law Firm

If you or your insured needs a highly skilled and experienced law firm to defend a toxic tort claim, call attorney Bruce Truex today at (248) 539-2818. He will evaluate your case and explain how Secrest Wardle can help you with your case.

Areas Served for Michigan Toxic Tort Claims

Secrest Wardle defends toxic tort claims throughout the State of Michigan, including in Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Port Huron and in Northern Michigan.

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